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Why Elyse & the Riddle of the Exporterâ„¢?

Can your speaker deliver business-changing concepts while captivating your audience?  Elyse can. 

Exporting is an extremely important topic for any business today that wants sustainable growth.  In a one hour breakout session, you can learn the nuts and bolts of the export process in a way that is easy to understand.  Audiences walk away with a new understanding of how global trade is relevant to their business.

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What people say about us!

Elyse was one of 24 speakers at our Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange held in Dallas.  As the Conferences Director for 6 conferences globally, I have seen over 100 speakers provide content to help explain global trade.  I was impressed with Elyse’s ability to connect with entrepreneurs, and to explain global exporting in simple terms that really cut through a lot of the mystery and intimidation that most entrepreneurs feel when considering global expansion.  She was hands down the most highly rated speaker of the conference.  I received feedback from many attendees thanking me for providing access to such a relevant and valuable resource.

Adrienne P., E3 Conferences

As a manufacturing company whose exports account for 50% of their business, I wish I had heard this information 20 years ago. 

David P., President, Plastronics, Irving, TX

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