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David P. President, Plastronics, Irving, TX

As a manufacturing company whose exports account for 50% of their business, I wish I had heard this information 20 years ago.”

Bradley T. Citibank

As a Business Banker, I highly recommend attending The Riddle of the Exporter™ seminar. The seminar is advertised toward new exporters however there is so much good information, even companies that have been exporting for years can benefit from this information and The Riddle of the Exporter™ 8-step process.”

Casey J. Director, Pacific Islands SBDC Network

“Elyse has one of the best techniques I have seen for attendee retention of information long after the training.”

Ivette C. Global Bridge Network

The Woman’s Trade Empowerment Forum presented a great program, where experts offered solid advice, explaining the logic behind the different topics. Well done! Working with Elyse Eriksson and Betty Sue, Export Queen was an outstanding experience. Particularly having an export plan outline at the end of the program. Practically, we were given a Starter Kit, The Riddle of the Exporter™ Workbook, as how to be a successful exporter.”

Unicom Engineering

“Recently Unicom Engineering Group (formerly Network Engines Inc) engaged the services of Elyse Eriksson, The Riddle of the Exporter™ to assist in promoting Trade Compliance Awareness among employees in the company. Participant feedback was positive. They expected the classes to be monotonous, but Elyse added interaction with fun to each section of the program that stimulated interest. Each of these employees now have a better understanding of the importance of Trade Compliance and why their respective due care and diligence is important to the success of Unicom Engineering. Thank you Elyse for an outstanding job.”

Megan N. Citibank, International Banker of the Year, Dallas Global Chamber 2017

Prior to attending The Riddle of the Exporter Seminar, I had a very general understanding of the import/export world.  Elyse Eriksson did an incredible job, not only teaching the material, but she also made it unbelievably fun and easy to understand!  I walked away from her seminar with much more valuable information than I expected.  As a Business Banker, I can now confidently speak to Import/Export transactions and help my clients succeed financially.  I would highly recommend The Riddle of the Exporter seminar to any new or existing business bankers, as well as any business owners that are interested in entering the import/export arena.”

Taranis, LLC dba Export Connector


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