Project Management

Project Management with A Vision, Supporting Your Mission

With 30+ years in business and project management, Elyse Eriksson has a unique and proven way to successfully complete your next project.  Starting with your mission, she is able to develop a clear path to the end goals while creating excitement and team efficiency.  Elyse has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes.  Just give her the resources, a starting point and ending point and the amazing results will follow!  Some example of her work include:

Bush Institute Independent Consultant, Special Project Study

Project scope:  Conducted a feasibility study for an international consortium supporting accelerators and start-ups in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

International Trade Administration/U.S. Commercial Service, Women’s Global Trade Empowerment Forum (WGTEF)

Project Scope:  Organized WGTEF program for multinational companies, U.S., Mexico, Canada women entrepreneurs, created a mentorship program in coordination with the U.S. Export Assistance Centers.

Classic Cast Stone of Dallas, Inc. and Slate Select, Inc. manufacturing companies, Garland, TX

Projects:  From start up to 30 year companies, every step is a project. The fact, that Classic Cast Stone and Slate Select are small businesses with fewer resources adds greater challenges.

What people say about us!

“I proposed creating and hosting a business plan competition and incubator designed to encourage startups and small business in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to work together to compete in regional and global markets.  Elyse’s vision, her networking skills and her entrepreneurial instinct combined with very strong communications skills, made is possible for us to make that decision confident that we understood the context and the market situation and how they were likely to evolve in the future.  Elyse is a strong member of any team she joins, and her business acumen, global vision and collegial persistence make her an asset that any team leader should covet. “

Matt Rooney, Managing Director, Economic Growth Initiative, George W. Bush Institute

“Thank you for your commitment to make the Inaugural Women’s Global Trade Empowerment Forum (WGTEF) an amazing success!  Your positive team spirit and ingenuity helped us persevere and surpass all expectations with our virtual six-part series.  You and BettySue Export Queen were the biggest hit of all.”

Ana Guevera, Deputy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Field Operations, U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration, WGTEF Coordinator

“Elyse Eriksson was an outstanding facilitator and source of support for the entire program.  I have done business with professionals across the globe and rarely do I meet someone who wins the trifecta of exceptional ability, warmth of personality, and great experience.”

Jennifer Burge, Worldwise Coach, WGTEF  Participant

“Working with Elyse Eriksson and Betty Sue, Export Queen was an outstanding experience.”

Ivette Compton, Global Bridge Network, WGTEF Participant

“The facilitation/coordination of participants by Elyse Eriksson was wonderful – including Elyse’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter.”

Lisa Cookmeyer, Trigon Associates, WGTEF Participant

“Elyse provided excellent, high-level service and communication throughout the program and I hope she is involved with future programs.”

Lynne Branigan, BEX Oil, WGTEF Participant

“Elyse Eriksson’s expertise in marketing, sales and business management was instrumental to the success of Classic Cast Stone and Slate Select.  I could not give any other colleague a higher recommendation in my 20-year tenure with Classic Cast Stone.

Cy Young, VP Classic Cast Stone

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